Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Red eye

People sadly do not know how to reduce the red eye in pictures taken using cameras. Here's a nice way to go about doing that using adobe photoshop. Thanks to Ankur Sarawagi for modelling. :p

Here's a picture of him taken during h6 valfi last year:

Step 1:
Open the file in adobe photoshop and create a new channel mixture adjustment layer as follows:

Step 2:
Set the source channels at 0% Red, 50% Blue and 50% Green as follows:

The picture will look as if a faint greenish colour has been uniformly painted on it.

Step 3:
Select the channel mixture layer and fill it with black colour by pressing "alt + backspace".

We get back the original picture.

Step 4:
Select the brush tool and using the brush of the appropriate size, paint with white colour on top of the red eye portion.


Loads of other such tricks can be found on here in the tutorials section.