Sunday, November 06, 2005


Think of Freddie, and google for it, the search engine suggests "Freddie Mercury", the lead singer of a band which is also the name of the post held by the person who rules England, and at one point of time, whose empire stretched from almost all parts of Africa to the far reaches of Hong Kong and beyond. This post is not about her. It is about the guy who gave us songs like, "I want to break free", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We will rock you".

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A week dedicated to Mercury

After innumerable requests from people to update my blog, I have decided to generally add something daily even if it is worthwhile or not. I am spreading my knowledge, which isn't too much anyway, and shall mostly be reminding people of things that they already know. Starting today, I have decided to have a themed blog, with the themes changing every week. As the title suggests, this week's theme is Mercury.

The planet Mercury as all people know is the planet closest to the sun. It's been named after the Roman mythical messenger of Gods, Mercury probably because of the speed at which it used to travel around the sun. It has the shortest orbital year as it has a small orbit and travels a lot faster than other planets around the sun.

Not much is known about this planet as only one space mission has resulted in a flyby past the planet, which resulted in mapping only 40% of the surface as it finishes a complete rotation about its axis once every 58 earth days.

The only notable feature about the surface is a spectacular impact crater, about 1350km in diameter that has been caused by the impact of an object about 100km across. It is the largest impact crater known till date in the Solar System.