Saturday, June 18, 2005

i don't know how i came across this

I was generally looking around when i came across this posting from here. I really have no idea how I came across this. :D

In what is definitely one of the most bizarre occurances at Malhar through the years, a guy was caught jerking off on campus.

The dude was apprehended by a smart girl named Sonia( who is apparently OC Informals) as she was making her daily rounds of the college. One may speculate upon why she was making the rounds, and the only possible reason we could come up with is that she is eccentric to a degree...We were told that she is of an adventurous nature, and she does this to get more excitement out of life.

On the afternoon of the 12th, as Sonia climbed up to the second floor of college, she espied a cocky dude standing in the corridor, with his pants down, everything else up, and shagging with gay abandon. Sonia has always been quick witted, and she acted with resource remarkable for one of such a tender age...

She immediately switched her walkie-talkie to the "Broadcast to all" mode, and spake the following :

Sonia : Hey Security!!! Please come to the second floor! Someone is shagging, I repeat, SHAGGING here!"

Malhar Vice Chairperson Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan was the first on the scene, and he inquired as to whether he had heard her correctly, because he thought he heard her say 'shagging' and he saw no one doing so at present.

Sonia however stuck to her story, and insisted she had really seen someone shagging, as she so delightfully put it. he said he had made off when he saw her.

A couple of hours later, as she was making the rounds of the canteen (one wonders if this is all she does as part of her OC duties) this time with a security guard, she espied the dude again...this time his pants were not down. (For want of a better name, we shall refer to him as Shaggy).

He was immediately apprehended by security, who live for such moments. Upon questioning, he first claimed that he was but tucking his shirt in.

Sonia disagreed volubly.

"You were shagging! I saw you!"

Security knows how to elicit information and employed their methods...

Shaggy : "Ok...ok I admit be what happened. I am a student from SIES Nerul..."

Security : You have our deepest sympathies...(This year's security volunteers actually have a sense of humor...)

Shaggy : "And I to be taking part in the event entitled Classical singing. Now I am accomplished singer..."

Security : You have other qualities too, it seems.

"And I had gone up there to practice for my event. Now as I started to singing Bhairav Raag, a curious thing happened...I gets a boner!!! I positiuely got into the mood!!! I spontaneously decided to start 'menstrubating'...and this girl here was watching me..,(points finger accusingly at Sonia)

(I have it on authority that he really said everything printed above...and neither security nor Sonia found anything wrong with the word menstrubating... - Ashu)

Security : Menstrubating think this is a garden or what? (Presumably security prefers jerking off in gardens...)

Shaggy : Ok ok forget it. Now it be time for my event. I must go...

Security : (Ominously) Come, we will escort you...

Shaggy was the recipient of a sound hammering, and was sent home.


At June 20, 2005 10:12 AM, Anonymous G said...

abe choksey actually turned out to be a nice read! :) I was wondering why we guys dont have a website like tht! :)

At June 24, 2005 10:54 AM, Blogger Karthik said...

I was at this Malhar.

I heard that something like this happed at Mood I once too. :D Specifically the year when the theme was the vague-ass "Get into the Mood". ;)

Choksey is a Mumbai college haunt. Pretty fun.


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