Sunday, June 19, 2005


Kram then:

Kram now:

Saturday, June 18, 2005

i don't know how i came across this

I was generally looking around when i came across this posting from here. I really have no idea how I came across this. :D

In what is definitely one of the most bizarre occurances at Malhar through the years, a guy was caught jerking off on campus.

The dude was apprehended by a smart girl named Sonia( who is apparently OC Informals) as she was making her daily rounds of the college. One may speculate upon why she was making the rounds, and the only possible reason we could come up with is that she is eccentric to a degree...We were told that she is of an adventurous nature, and she does this to get more excitement out of life.

On the afternoon of the 12th, as Sonia climbed up to the second floor of college, she espied a cocky dude standing in the corridor, with his pants down, everything else up, and shagging with gay abandon. Sonia has always been quick witted, and she acted with resource remarkable for one of such a tender age...

She immediately switched her walkie-talkie to the "Broadcast to all" mode, and spake the following :

Sonia : Hey Security!!! Please come to the second floor! Someone is shagging, I repeat, SHAGGING here!"

Malhar Vice Chairperson Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan was the first on the scene, and he inquired as to whether he had heard her correctly, because he thought he heard her say 'shagging' and he saw no one doing so at present.

Sonia however stuck to her story, and insisted she had really seen someone shagging, as she so delightfully put it. he said he had made off when he saw her.

A couple of hours later, as she was making the rounds of the canteen (one wonders if this is all she does as part of her OC duties) this time with a security guard, she espied the dude again...this time his pants were not down. (For want of a better name, we shall refer to him as Shaggy).

He was immediately apprehended by security, who live for such moments. Upon questioning, he first claimed that he was but tucking his shirt in.

Sonia disagreed volubly.

"You were shagging! I saw you!"

Security knows how to elicit information and employed their methods...

Shaggy : "Ok...ok I admit be what happened. I am a student from SIES Nerul..."

Security : You have our deepest sympathies...(This year's security volunteers actually have a sense of humor...)

Shaggy : "And I to be taking part in the event entitled Classical singing. Now I am accomplished singer..."

Security : You have other qualities too, it seems.

"And I had gone up there to practice for my event. Now as I started to singing Bhairav Raag, a curious thing happened...I gets a boner!!! I positiuely got into the mood!!! I spontaneously decided to start 'menstrubating'...and this girl here was watching me..,(points finger accusingly at Sonia)

(I have it on authority that he really said everything printed above...and neither security nor Sonia found anything wrong with the word menstrubating... - Ashu)

Security : Menstrubating think this is a garden or what? (Presumably security prefers jerking off in gardens...)

Shaggy : Ok ok forget it. Now it be time for my event. I must go...

Security : (Ominously) Come, we will escort you...

Shaggy was the recipient of a sound hammering, and was sent home.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Facing Worlds

I've decided to take screenshots of Unreal Tournament 2004 and post them here. It's like a teaser for all UT fans like Golu, Ro, Srini, Thakur and Bolli (Bolli sucks at playing UT. He died twice while playing against one bot in novice level. :O )
This is a screenshot taken from Capture the Flag in the 'Facing Worlds' map. There are a couple more modified maps of the same, the screenshots of which I'll post later.

Image Hosted by

The blue coloured triangle that you see is one of the players who is defending the blue flag and the red streak in front of the red tower is the trail of a shock rifle.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Basically, I have no idea why i started searching for Nina Hartley. I landed up at her site (which opens from insti btw) and signed up for the forums (:D). As I was looking around, there was this awesome section where she listed the wierd mail that she has been getting over the years. Read them and have a lot of fun.

Mail 1:
Hello Nina,
My husband and I just love you. I saw that you will be appearing at ********** tonight, we'll be there. I dream about fucking your ass with a strap-on! Maybe tonight?

Mail 2: (This guy thought that she'd fall for it)
Mr Chashem,
I am a movie producer in Hollywood. I am very big in the business. I want Nina to be in my next movie and I will pay her a lot of money but I lost her phone number.
Please send it to me right away.

Mail 3:
Dear chashem,
It has been brought to my attention that you have an unathorized picture of me on your site. I demand you give me a username and password so that I may look at it myself and determine if I should sue you or not!
Send the account information to ******** as I do not want my wife to read this.

Mail 4:

To site admin:
Yo dude,
what kinda fucking scam are you running here? I just signed up for your "site" and I can't get in. What the fuck asshole?

Site admin says:
I'm sorry you are having trouble. I looked up your account through your email address and could find no records. Please send me the date and time you signed up and your subscription id.

Frustrated dude says:
fuck you, just refund my 19.95 and don't you fuckin dare rebill me or I'll sue your ass.

Site admin says:
I'm sorry but why do you only want 19.95 refunded? The site costs 49.95 for six months and we never re-bill.

frustrated dude says:
Stop fucking with me and give me my fucking money or I'll contact Ibill and tell them about your scam site.

site admin says:
We do not use Ibill to process your credit cards. We use CCBill. Our price is 49.95, not 19.95. Are you sure you signed up for NINA.COM and not another site?

frustrated dude says:
Sorry dude. Wrong site.

Mail 5:
Hello Nina whore,
I am very rich, more money than you could imagine. I love whores, it's my hobby. I want to buy you for 1 to 2 days, sweetie. If you can suck my dick better than most of my other whores, I 'll buy you for the 2nd day.
I pay my whores top dollar so think about it.
I will be the best fuck you ever had!
If your interested in making a quick buck, contact my business manager at ************.


Mail 6:
To whom it may concerned,
This is ****** ******.I am trying to set up our
several new homepages and we are trying to find
the Good domain name.The domain name of you
own looks really good to us and found that it is
owned by you.Of course, it would be an important
domain name to youbut we really appreciate it
if we can get it forUS$1,000 with escrow.
(I pay escrow fee etc.).I do appology take your time.
Thank you,

Mail 7: (This sure;y takes the cake and I am sure that Golu must have mailed this :P)
You are the best! You got me through college (you and a good lubricant).
I just love you and want to see mor of you.
Just came across, could you tell me if you have a website?


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ever seen this Golu?

I had to post this picture that was taken during the first show screening of the Telugu movie Andharivadu at Viswanath Theatre, Kukatpally (near Golu's place. The movie *s Chiranjeevi in a double role, Tabu, Rimmi Sen and another heroine who does nothing but show breasts. (a megastar in a double role must be a terastar. (pun intended) :D). Such is the fanaticism of fans of Telugu movie stars. Sigh, I miss the movies nowadays. :-(

Friday, June 03, 2005


Inspired by Ro's posting about Maradona. Talk of respect this picture too says a lot:

The gaurd of honour was given before the start of the second test match between Australia and New Zealand on the 19th of March this year. David Sheppard is currently officiating in his last test match which is between West Indies and Paskitan.

a gun in a monkey's hand

is like what photoshop in my hand is like. >:)

two pictures modified by me using photoshop are given below:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by